2021 International Conference on Resources, Environment and Green Economy (CREGE 2021)
Prof. Xinbo Wang



Dr. Wang got his Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from Peking University in 2012. Then he joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology as postdoc and later was promoted to be a sensor research scientist. He went back China in 2019 and joined Shandong University as Qilu professor. Dr. Wang and his group are currently engaged in the research on the structure, performance and application of organic porous materials, and has carried out a series of achievements in the purification of environmental pollutants, capture and utilization of carbon dioxide, upgrading of natural gas, chemical hydrogen storage, waste heat recovery, etc., with the aim to solve the bottleneck problems in resource recovery and environmental purification materials. 

Speech title: 

Solution processable polymers of intrinsic microporosity as powerful and regenerable adsorbent


Insoluble adsorbents with robust porous frameworks and high surface areas have shown good performance in flue gas purification and waste water treatment. However, fouling and sorbent attrition always occurs and decay their performance in practical applications. Polymers of intrinsic microporosity which combine the advantage of both high porosity and solvent selective solubility, allow solution-processing for fabrication into different morphologies, eliminate swelling during adsorption/separation operations, and permit reuse after simple treatments if fouled or blocked. Particularly, state of the art performance in flue gas purification and phenolic organics removal performance were achieved by proper chemical design.

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