2021 International Conference on Resources, Environment and Green Economy (CREGE 2021)
Prof. Yinghua Li


Speech title:

Small-scale Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Using Subsurface Wastewater Infiltration System (SWIS)


SWIS is a kind of underground system for dispersing wastewater further treatment using modified soil as the main medium. It includes the water distribution/collection pipes/units, the unsaturated soil around the distribution components, the bio-film at the water-soil interface, and the plants in surface. During the water treatment process, N and C are assimilated by plants and microorganisms or converted into gaseous products and released (N2, N2O, NO and CO2). Therefore, the analysis of pollutant conversion efficiency, microbial structure and function, degradation products and by-products has always been the research hotspots of SWIS. The following contents will be covered in this presentation: (1) How can SWIS be an effective technology for Small-scale Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (SDWT); (2) Microbial distribution, diversity and metabolism associated with variable operation modes; (3) Enhanced pollutants removal methods in SWIS; (4) The emission efficiency of green house gases from SWIS; (5) A case demonstration of SWIS.